Published Works


final cover 1Leaving the Wire: An Infantryman’s Iraq
A narrative memoir of a year in the Iraq War through a grunt’s eyes.

ret the colors

Essay in Retire the Colors: Veterans and Civilians on Iraq and Afghanistan


Short Fiction


Animals” – Published November 2014 in As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 1

Stories” – Published November 2014 in As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 1

Green Eyes” – Published April 2015 in The Blue Falcon Review, Vol. 2

The Great White Hunter” – Published October 2015 in O-Dark-Thirty.

Currents”  – Published June 2021 in The Wrath-Bearing Tree

The Bus Driver – Published July 2021 in Wilderness House Literary Review, Vol. 16, No. 2

Concourses – Published September 2021 in The Line: Veterans Literary Review 


“‘A Choice Body of Men’: An Overview of the Continental Army on the Upper Ohio, 1775-1783
A research article focused on the Continental Army’s experience on the Appalachian frontier during the American Revolution
Published May 2021 in The Journal of the American Revolution

Creative Nonfiction

The Looking Glass” – published 2014 in Blue Nostalgia: A Journal of Post-Traumatic Growth, Vol. 1

Web Pieces

“Giving A Voice to the Unspeakable: A Chat with Joseph Galloway”

“What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Thank You for Your Service”

“Down the Rabbit Hole”

“Living With Killing: Lifting the Weight of Moral Injury”

“Why We Write About War”

“The Spirit of the Infantry: Battle Fatigue in the Second World War” 

“Roger That: Army Infantry Communications in WWII” 





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